Health care


Health Care Process and Agent Monitoring System (HCPAMS)

RKT’s Health Care Process and Agent Monitoring System (HCPAMS) is an end-to-end platform that allows processing of healthcare forms. It is primarily designed for high-volume data entry environments. The salient features and benefits of this platform are as follows:

  • Key-in from paper or image: Using the flexibility of the modular system, data can be keyed in from paper or image, using the same job structure.
  • Import: The system allows import of images through a user-defined directory. It also allows associated control data to be brought in or created, providing a reliable base for operational statistics.
  • Control: In a high-volume data entry environment, it is essential that the operation administrators have the right tools to monitor and control their environment. A full set of administrative facilities allows real-time tracking of individual units of work, and provides real-time production and productivity statistics.
  • User-defined enhancements: The system is specifically designed to provide a user the flexibility to quickly set up and process information from the image or paper without major programming.
  • System generated data and validation: Designed for heavy volume data entry, it has features that allow the system to generate and check data. There is no limit to the number or size of look-up tables and validation routines that can be incorporated.
  • Verification: All the standard manual verification and validation facilities that are typically required are in-built, with an option for the user to activate and adjust to specific situations. This includes reconciliation processes at the document or batch level.
  • OCR recognition: Character and mark recognition engines can be activated to expedite the data capture / entry process.

The HCPAMS platform has the following benefits:

  • Supports Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance
  • 30–50 percent decrease in error rate
  • 50–70 percent improved processing time
  • Dramatic increase in follow-up activities at the same cost

RKT HealthClaimPro

RKT HealthClaimPro solution is used for processing and adjudication in the healthcare industry. The key features of the solution include quick distribution of work, tracking programs, online performance and quality monitoring, and customized reporting. The solution supports HIPPA compliance, while reducing error rate by 30-50 percent and improving processing time is improved by 50-70 percent.

  • ITeS: Interactive Transaction Entry System (ITeS) is a scriptable data capture workflow application platform for high-speed, high-quality Keying From Image (KFI) / Keying From Paper (KFP) with efficient process set-up and business rule implementation, quality control and productivity monitoring tools and automated pre / post production.