Headquartered in the US, CTC Infotech is a Global IT Services provider with offshore delivery centres in India servicing multinational companies around the globe. We offer agile, swift, innovative and best-in-class solutions to our clients from varied verticals such as Telecommunication, Finance and Banking, Automotive, Healthcare, Technology, Energy and Utilities, etc.

We have our offices across multiple locations and a vast talent pool of high quality, professional experts with deep knowledge in the chosen verticals and with predictablity of the results delivered, thereby reducing business risks associated with the transfer of responsibility.

At CTC Infotech, we go extra step to understand the trends and patterns in our clients' business, which help us proactively, align our outsourcing and consulting services with the clients' business goals.

Core values

CTC Infotech aims at serving the customers, whose demands are the motivating forces behind our growth. We constantly create long-term value for clients by being receptive to their needs and requirements. We measure our work against how much value we bring to clients, because our clients’ success can only help us succeed.