Banking & Financial Services

Finance Accounting

The Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry is experiencing significant turmoil. Market volatility, increased regulation, shrinking demand, globalization and competition are driving the industry to adopt new operating models. Banking and Financial Services Outsourcing has been adopted by banking and financial institutions as a key strategy to survive and thrive.

RKT helps leading BFS companies to ‘extend their enterprise’. RKT's deep domain expertise, global delivery network and strong focus on operational excellence allow companies to focus on their core business, while RKT delivers business processes and supports decision-making through its rich research and analytics capabilities.

RKT combines industry best practices and proprietary tools and methodologies to deliver a comprehensive range of business operation services for the Banking and Financial Services industry across a wide variety of product lines across Capital Markets; Consumer, Retail and Commercial Banking; and Wealth, Mortgage Banking. We add value to our client’s business by improving their customer satisfaction, unlocking cost efficiencies and streamlining processes through continuous improvements and technology optimization.

Capital Market

Front Office

  • Sales and Research
    • Financial and Business Research
    • Sale Support Services
      • Client Investment Review Document
      • New Business Presentation
    • Portfolio Construction Support
    • CRM Update Support
    • Financial Statement Spreading
    • M & A Support
    • Library Services

Middle Office

  • Management and Control
    • Reference Data Management
    • Trade Compliance and Regulatory Compliance
    • Performance and Attribution
  • Reconciliations
    • Cash and Stock Accounts Reconciliation
    • Exchange-Broker Reconciliation
    • Follow-up on Breaks Assigned
    • Monitoring of Ageing of Breaks

Back Office

  • Accounting
    • Expense and Income Processing
    • Financial Reporting
    • Collateral Management (Mortgages)
  • Transaction Services
    • New Account Set-up and Administration
    • Amendments / Maintenance of Existing Data
    • Client Administration
    • Claims Management
    • Queries Handling
  • Treasury
    • Payment Instruction Processing
    • Daily Funding Requests Processing
    • Invoicing / Billing Processing

Consumer, Retail and Commercial Banking

  • Item Processing
  • Remittance Processing
  • Commercial Banking Services (Account services and analysis; Cash management; Customer service)
  • Research and Adjustments
  • Wholesale Banking Services (Credit analysis and operations; Relationship manager support; Management reporting; Invoicing)
  • SAR and Fraud Operations
  • Lending Services (Loan origination and processing; Loan underwriting; Loan closing and funding; Post closing and due diligence; Loan servicing)
  • Treasury Management
  • Retail Banking Services (Reg E and Reg D disputes; Account setup and analysis; Billing and customer service; ATM reconciliation; Deposit operations)
  • Card Services (Dispute processing; Settlements; Reconciliation; ATM monitoring and balancing; Cards – data entry; Interchange; Customer service)

Mortgage Banking

  • Loan Origination
    • Loan Set-up and Processing
      • Indexing
      • Data Entry
      • Ordering Services
    • Underwriting
      • Documentation readiness check
      • Underwriting Set-up
      • Trailing docs for pending approvals
    • Closing
      • Clearing off Prior to Docs (PTD) conditions
      • Document follow-ups for file closure
      • Finalize loan packet for disbursal teams

Secondary Market

  • Shipping
    • Create pools / packets
    • Address to the investor location / electronic wiring
  • Secondary Market Operations
    • Post Close Audit
    • Due Diligence of acquired loan packets
    • Analytics / Investor Reporting – Mortgage-backed Security (MBS)


  • Servicing
    • Loan Boarding
    • Welcome Calls
    • Customer Service front and back-office
    • Lien Releases
    • Collateral Release / Pay-off
    • Loss Mitigation
    • Investor Account Reconciliations