Automotive industry is becoming a global market place and stiff competition compels the industry players to focus more on R&D, marketing, and new product launches. In addition, the industry is facing radical changes with the emergence of new digital technology and the re-distribution of global supply chains. At CTC Infotech, we help the automotive companies to deal with the changes and improve the core manufacturing and supply chain processes.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We track, analyze, create and execute industry solutions that cover every aspect of your automotive business. We are known for creating cutting-edge solutions for our automotive customers around the globe. Our BPO services include:
  • Customer Care, Sales, Roadside Assistance
  • Outbound Support, and Case Management
  • Social Media monitoring and engagement, Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Marketing support, Mystery shopping, and Third-party verification


We provide solutions that help you improve the efficiency and significantly reduce production cost without compromising quality. The technology solutions offered by CTC Infotech facilitate the automotive companies to improve sales processes, cope up with change, rapidly reshape their business, strengthen their brands, address new markets and build enduring relationships with their customers. Our Technology services include:
  • ERP or CRM for automating transactional processes
  • Automotive Warranty Management Solution
  • Cloud-based Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Enterprise Quality Management
  • Telematics based eco-driving